My love affair with piano began at the age of 12, when I first saw The Phantom of the Opera and determined to play its every last song on my out-of-tune toy keyboard. I’m not sure whether it was because of being impressed that I could actually make that thing produce “The Music of the Night” or of getting tired of my trial-and-error playing by ear process, but my parents eventually signed me up for music lessons… and bought me a real piano. I faithfully took my lessons, played in recitals, and worked through theory books and scales like any good student would, but I feel like it was the creative freedom my teachers gave me that allowed me to really progress in my skill and passion. They let me continue to learn songs by ear, compose my own pieces, even play through the ENTIRE My World 2.0 Justin Bieber songbook (God bless you for suffering through that, Mrs. Jennifer). Through it all, I was flourishing and falling head over heels for this instrument and the art of playing it. And so I am still, which has inspired me to share it with you now. If by hearing my music you feel even a fraction of what I feel playing it, I’ll have done what I most hope to accomplish through this creative outlet. So I invite you to join me in this space where love, music, and a little bit of magic meet, and make it all as much your own as it’s mine. After all, the music of the night belongs to you too.


Love always, Coco