Way before I got my hands on a smartphone, you could find awkward, overly-enthusiastic 9-year-old me with a backpack full of disposable cameras and albums full of random, blurry, and VERY cringeworthy photos. I’ll be the first to admit that my photography skills were… well… rough initially, but because I loved it so much, I kept right on being ratchet. Eventually I began to understand a little more about angles, light, focus – those sorts of things, and as I transitioned into the iPhone era, I started picking up the cool-kid hacks for making all my selfies and Instagram posts look flawless. But there’s always been something about photography that goes much deeper for me than the cute profile pics or Snapchat filters. If done well, photos capture so much more than images; they capture feelings, aesthetics, mood, energy, emotion, feeling… Essentially, they become art. And these are the kinds of photos I’ve become most obsessed with taking. Of course, it’s always difficult to fully capture a moment in time and everything you’re feeling in it, but I’m convinced photography is magic. Somehow, some way, it makes it possible for me to communicate indescribable beauty, to speak the unutterable, to immortalize the transient. And this is what I’m daily attempting to do in my photos. In sharing some of them with you, I hope to impart the experience and enchantment of their subjects, and, as the impressionist painters did, to help all of us rediscover the beauty of life in all its everyday and spectacular moments.


Love always, Coco


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