Poetry. Photography. Piano. Passion.

That’s the essence of Creating Coco. As an ~artsy~ person, I’ve fallen in love with any and every sort of creative outlet you can think of: drawing, writing, music, dance… The list could go on forever. But loving so many things makes it hard to ever progress in any single one (Olympians train in only one sport for a reason!). So as I’ve started navigating this whole “adult” thing and find myself with more responsibilities and much less time for artistic endeavors, I want the time I do have to count. And that’s how Creating Coco came to be. In sharing my three most favorite art forms with you, I’m hoping to challenge myself, grow as an artist, make beautiful things, and truly “Create Coco” through this journey. And most of all, I want it to mean something to YOU. Whether it serves to inspire, entertain, or simply give you encouragement through what I hope will be a positive, supportive space, Creating Coco is as much for you as it is for me. So here’s to finding and following our passions and all the magic we’re going to make.


Love always, Coco


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