Poem 16

I wanted to love him,

But every time he looked at me,

I thought of your eyes

And the way I forgot to breathe,

When you looked back.

I wanted to forget our song,

And those long, late nights in summer,

But I turned on the radio

And Keith Urban was playing –

All I heard was you.

I wanted what was good for me –

Security, certainty, stability –

But I never felt like I belonged

Anywhere, except in your arms

And all our beautiful chaos.

I wanted to feel what I knew –

That he was everything I wanted,

But it was you I kept dreaming about,

Waking and looking for you beside me,

Seeing you in my heart instead.

I wanted all your fire and fury,

The fights and frantic calls at 2 am,

Convincing ourselves we weren’t meant to be,

But always coming back because we are.

I want you still. I always will.

– Courtney Bailey

Poem 16 by Courtney Bailey


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